The Gym Gets It

V__518FThe Gym understands, these words are displayed on every piece of exercise equipment in the room. The banners on all of the walls share the same message:

You Belong

Judgment Free Zone

Check out this excerpt from a story in the Upper Room Devotional for March 22, 2017:

“For many months, my six children and I were homeless and living in our rundown car. We got most of our food out of dumpsters and washed up in gas station bathrooms. Each day we fought to survive. Family and friends turned away from us as if we had committed a crime. Most people who saw us living in the car pretended they had not seen us. I felt invisible.”

It’s tragic that a family of any size is forced to live in a car. It should be unacceptable in our land of abundance that any person would have to get their food from a dumpster, or clean themselves in a gas station restroom. It’s sad that those closest to you will turn on you.

All of these bother me but what bothers me most is this person felt invisible. Dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of people passing by pretending not to see.

In the EXO Community, we want to be the kind of people that see, and care, and act. We want to be judgment free and take the message from the gym to those in the margins of our city:

You belong!


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