$5 Coffee and a Can of Re-fried Beans

WP_20170310_17_05_37_ProFirst, two confessions:

  1. I am not a great marketeer/salesman, but when I am passionate about something (like EXO, or the ideas behind it) I enjoy the marketing and selling of the idea and I really want to be effective.
  2. I have agonized over the tagline for EXO – should it be: know-connect-heal, know-collaborate-heal, reach-connect-heal, reach-grow-renew, or some other combination of words that simply describes what we want to do.

Yesterday afternoon I met some friends at a cool coffee shop in a trendy part of town. We left after an hour of coffee and good conversation. As we exited, we noticed a young guy sitting on the bench outside of the coffee shop in a trendy part of town. Not uncommon, so we walked right by.

Arriving at the passenger side door of my friend’s car, I noticed in my peripheral vision this young man eating from an open can of re-fried beans. This is fairly unusual, especially in this part of town. Still my detached-from-the-moment thought was, “I much prefer re-fried beans from a good taqueria over the pseudo product in a can.”

I got into the car. About the time my body hit the seat, I made eye contact with the young man and then I knew why he was there.

We got out of the car and started a conversation. He was on the bench *outside of the coffee shop in a trendy part of town because he had no other place to be. He was eating cold re-fried beans because he had no other options.

We talked to him a little while longer and were able to help him the best we could at that moment. Though we have no way to maintain contact with him, I hope we meet again because I’m not satisfied with this story’s ending…

Back to words…

I hope that we come up with an effective way to communicate our passion, I really do.

I think it’s important.

More importantly, I hope our actions match and exceed our words.

My prayer for the moment: to become more aware of what’s going on around me, to have the compassion to reach out and listen, and for more opportunities to get to know our new friend from outside the coffee shop.

*outside – this is a living example of insiders/outsiders.

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