Part of That World

March 3, 2017

gloria-back-225x300Many of you may recognize the phrase “Part of that World” from the  Disney  classic “The Little Mermaid”, which as you know, is about a mermaid who dreams of being a human and eventually is transformed and gets to live the rest of her life as a part of the human world. Today, I would love to share with you the story of a mermaid of our own, except instead of being submerged under water living among fish she was submerged in addiction living among fellow dealers and addicts. And instead of desiring to be human, she came to desire a life with God in sobriety.

This friend was born an addict. This was due to her mother’s own drinking addiction which caused her to have withdrawals as an infant and dive head first into the addiction as she grew older. She lived in this life for a long time but one day realized that she was emotionally and physically done living in addiction and wanted to obey God by getting clean.

I recently spent time with this friend at my own home. This is where I heard her praise God over and over again for her sobriety. She shared a story about herself with me about how she was once drunk at a public park and a woman came up to her and asked, “Out of all the places why are you getting drunk at the park?” Our friend replied by telling the woman that she liked the view. The woman then replied, “You are probably missing how pretty the park actually is because you’re so drunk” and left. Our friend went back to the park after she had quit her addictions and discovered that the woman was right, the park was way more beautiful than she even realized.

She shared this story with me to explain why she kept exclaiming her sobriety
during our visit. She would say things like, “This field is so pretty! And now I’m sober!” and “I haven’t seen a horse in years! and now I get to see one sober!” Our friend now lives as Part of that World. The part that is clearer, more memorable, has new colors, new friends, new beliefs, new thoughts, new Everything! And she just can’t believe how beautiful every truly is.

My friend has read this post and approved of what has been shared.  She would also like to add:

“l accepted God when I was eleven but then when I turned sixteen He decided to take my dad. I  wasn’t angry at first, I just couldn’t understand why. I became angry at Him for a long time and tried to avoid getting to know Him. But now I’m very eager to know him. Because looking back to all my time living on the streets and in my addiction, I believe God has been watching over me throughout the years.”

It is my prayer that this friend continue chasing the beauty of this new world that she lives in and that she always discover new things like this to praise God as she is now a part of His amazing world.



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