Foot-Long Chili Dogs And One Person

Say what you will about the Foot-Long Chili Dog, it happens to be one of my favorite food groups. I would also add that the Foot-Long Chili Dog is packed with potential. It might work like this:

One person notices that a bunch of perfectly good food is destined for the dumpster at the end of the day, we have a shameful problem with food waste and hungry people. This one person, not satisfied with a passive response of, “Oh, that’s too bad, what a waste,”intervenes, believing this food has potential, yes, even the maligned foot-long chili dog.

One person, motivated by the other one person, packs up all of the food to take home for refrigeration until a way can be found to help this food reach its potential.

Yet another one person drives 19 miles to collect the food from the refrigerator of the one person that was motivated by the one person who had the courage to say, “there’s got to be a better way.” This one person takes the food, on this particular day the foot-long chili dog, to the outsider margins of our town and shares with many people.

And on this day one person finds a shoulder to cry on and experiences love.

The opportunities and possibilities are limitless, it just takes one person!

Foot-long Chili Dogs!

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